"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" - Hippocrates, the Greek founder of western medicine

We are so blessed to be living at a time where a significant paradigm shift is occurring within the scientific community around mental illness and mental wellness. Science is demonstrating that the things we once thought of as “brain” issues, are actually secondary effects to what is primarily happening within our gut.

There are 100 TRILLION bacteria living within our intestines (yup, that’s more than stars in our galaxy). Our scientific methods and technology has evolved significantly in the past decade to allow us to understand how to support the environment in which these critters live (called our “gut microbiome”) so WE DETERMINE which ones flourish and which ones die off. Why does that matter?

The bacteria in our gut influence:

  • serotonin creation (the feel-good neurotransmitter)
  • dopamine creation (another neurotransmitter, often called a “pleasure chemical”)
  • inflammation
  • immune system response
  • stress resilience
  • brain-fog
  • cortisol creation (a stress hormone associated with inflammation and belly fat)

Partnering with Amare Global, The Mental Wellness Company, was an obvious choice for me. Not only did the supplements provide healing for myself and my children, but the corporate culture and servant hearted mission is like nothing I’ve experienced. Amare means to love, and that is what holistic wellness is all about.

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