Behavior Loops

Behavior Loops

Do you feel stuck in one of these Behavior Loops?

Most of my clients can relate to at least one of these behavior loops, keeping her stuck. Click on a loop for more information

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Parenting Loops

Can you relate to any of the following situations?

  • You quietly make promises to yourself that you are going to be more chill with the kids and just enjoy the moment
  • You make a conscience, deliberate effort not to yell or be angry within the first 5 minutes of getting home from work
  • You white-knuckle a trip to the park with the kids and even keep a smile on your face – but on the inside you know you are a thread away from crying or screaming
  • You know you should be making them eat better or do chores or finish that project on their own, but you are SO TIRED! It’s easier if you just do it

Nothing can bring on feelings of inadequacy and failure quite like parenting. Through the coaching process, we’ll assess your parenting and family goals and devise a plan that is suited for everyone to get there.

Self sabotage loops

Can you relate to any of the following situations?
  • You constantly wait until the last minute to complete a project
  • You find yourself in the same damaging relationships over and over
  • You cannot stick to a diet or workout plan to save your life, and there’s no point in starting another one until next Monday or next month or next New Years resolution time
  • You get to 90% completion on a goal and convince yourself it’s not worth finishing
I personally find these behavior loops especially insidious for 2 reasons: (1) because these patterns had such a stronghold over me for years and (2) self-sabotage can be hidden in so many different ways, some which we can convince ourselves are positive. Self sabotage is a thief of joy and a source of self inflicted pain that keeps us living small. Coaching will help cut those loops at the core and help you establish loving, productive and aligned behavior habits that will keep you moving forward!

Wandering loops

Can you relate to any of the following situations?

  • You lift up your head from your day to day and have no idea who you are and how you got here
  • You find yourself in the shower or driving to work asking yourself: “where did my life take such a left turn? How is this my story?”
  • you don’t want to complain, your life isn’t “bad”, but something feels hollow or missing
  • Life’s events took over and you had to let the dreams go, but man they would have been cool.

These wandering loops are dangerous because they falsely tell us we have no control over our lives at this point, and we should accept where we are and just be grateful.

Not only is it never too late to make a change, in coaching you’ll learn how to align with that internal, gut knowing of what you’re called to do and how to incorporate it into your life so you not only enjoy your life, but you thrive!

Conflict Loops

Can you relate to any of the following situations?

  • You put everyone else’s needs before your own – you selflessly give and give but no one seems to do the same for you. You feel resentful and unappreciated.
  • You find yourself having the same disagreement almost daily with your partner or child. You cannot understand why they don’t get it?
  • Even when you promise yourself you won’t be hurt this time, people constantly disappoint you.
  • You find yourself irritated by the people you work with and their lack of priorities or focus
  • Every time you get together with your family, there is an argument and you can not figure out why

In our sessions, we will examine these situations and what triggers them. Often the looping pattern is a response from a past pain or trauma. We can learn to avoid those responses and create new ones that serve your goals in avoiding the conflict patterns in the future.

Anxiety Loops

  • You wake up and feel anxious about the day before you even get out of bed
  • The idea of the traffic or to-do list awaiting you has you hitting snooze one more time
  • You go to bed with the TV on so you can avoid the racing thoughts awaiting you – all of the should’ve / could’ve / would’ve regrets from your day
  • You find yourself justifying unhealthy coping strategies by telling yourself “you’ve earned it” (this can be using alcohol, mindless eating, shopping, scrolling social media, pornography, overworking etc)
  • You start your day with a plan, but you find yourself putting out fires and responding to emergencies, never allowing you to get done what you intended

In coaching, you can learn how to interrupt these habits and form new ones that will allow you to regain control of your time, thoughts and actions.