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I used to tell my story of pain and struggle – I wore my drama like a badge of honor. It went something like this: My birth father denied my brother and I, and I lost that brother to addiction in our 20s; I have a son with Autism; I battled Bulimia in my teens; I am a veteran with a special form of PTSD called Military Sexual Trauma; I weighed 300 pounds at one point (not pregnant); I found out my husband was going to divorce me in an email meant for someone else; I’ve been a single mom of two boys since they both were in diapers … and on and on.
Well now, isn’t she a ball of sunshine!

Somehow, I thought leading with my pain points gave me value – I wasn’t getting anywhere, but if I focused on the hard parts of my life, no one would fault me for not living the big, audacious life others seemed capable of.

It wasn’t until I hit my own rock bottom that I realized the truth: I was choosing my story of pain – and I had the power to change that story into one of overcoming.

My life didn’t look how I wanted it to because I was so focused on what others saw and expected of me that I forgot to connect with who I was.

I suddenly realized there was nothing for me to chase because I already WAS whole. I was simply trapped in a behavior loop, perpetually misaligned between my body, mind and soul, nothing more. Once I learned this, and found the grace to allow my soul to take the lead, I began to understand the incredibly abundant and rich life just waiting for me to explore.

And that is what I want for you too. Are you ready to release the story of your pain and embrace your future?

Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) – 4.0 from LIU: Special focus of study in Trauma, Family Systems and Addiction

Board Certified Coach – Credentialed through the CCE with additional credits focused on mindfulness and trauma (learn more here)

Certified Mental Wellness Coach – Via Functional Food Center Inc.

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