Holistic Mental Wellness Coach

Stop playing small to make others comfortable - YOU WERE MADE TO SHINE!

There is a unique, sacred light within us all, and we were made to shine it bright. My clients are men and women who have lost touch with this truth, and want to find a way back to their center. Together, we explore ways to connect with their goals so they can live with intention and purpose!

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Holistic Mental Wellness Coaching

With a Faith First Approach

Engaging spiritual, scientific and humanistic approaches to gain a deeper understanding into the patterns that keep us stuck and disconnected from ourselves. My goals include helping you identify new ways of thinking, that will serve as building blocks to reach your goals.

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The Modern Woman

Do you know her?

She spends her days chasing after her life. She feels like a failure when she isn’t pouring 110% into every aspect of her job & relationships & children & home & education & side hustle & diet & self-care & … & … &. To others, she is highly educated, accomplished and impressive – but inside, she is exhausted, unfulfilled, lonely and feels like an utter failure.

Can you relate with her?
Do you believe that it’s possible to live another way?

I promise – not only is there another way, but there is a huge, bright and impactful future just begging for you to radiate your light, as only you can. I know this because I’ve lived it – and I’ve dedicated my life to helping others do the same.

Our work is to uncover The Empowerful You

You are EMPOWERed with unique gifts and talents that perfectly align with God’s calling for your life
You are POWERful when you remember who you are – a divine individual: loved & whole & cherished


Despite how polarizing it can be, I have found no path to long-term growth and healing WITHOUT exploring a person’s personal faith.
Don’t run yet!
If you’re bothered by words like faith, God, or spirit -hang with me – I recorded this super short video just for you – give me 1 minute to help ease your concerns (ok, one minute and thirteen seconds).

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Let me help you identify the thoughts, beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck!

Let me help you identify mindset blocks or thought habits that keep getting you stuck.
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